Dallas Crane Accidents Attorney

Dallas Crane Accidents Attorney

Protecting the rights of individuals injured in crane accidents

Construction sites are inherently dangerous due to unstable conditions, heights, dangerous tools, and the wide array of heavy machinery used. One piece of machinery that can be particular dangerous is a crane. Because a crane is so large and difficult to maneuver and because cranes often move large pieces of material, any accidents involving a crane can cause serious injury to anyone involved.

Construction workers can be injured by cranes in numerous ways. An extremely heavy crane arm can swing into a worker and even them in between the arm and another object. Additionally, if a crane arm is allowed to come in contact with a power line overhead, serious electrocutions may occur. While construction workers are regularly involved in crane accidents, they are not the only ones who are at risk of injuries. Passersby on foot or in cars may also be injured by an accident involving a crane. For example, a construction worker operating the crane may lose control, causing the crane arm to drop a large piece of material onto whoever may be below. Anyone injured in a crane accident that was caused by negligence should discuss their legal rights with an experienced Dallas personal injury attorney today.

Crane accident cases may be complicated
The exact cause of a crane accident is often not readily apparent and extensive investigation may be necessary to identify any potentially negligent parties. Furthermore, many different types of negligence may lead to a crane accident, including the following:

  • Improperly trained or unqualified crane operator
  • Intoxicated or fatigued crane operator
  • Mechanical malfunction due to defective parts
  • Incorrect assembly of the crane
  • Failure to inspect and repair the crane
  • Overloading the crane causing collapse or buckling

An experienced lawyer will have the skill and resources to identify the negligent party and hold them liable for your injuries.

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