Texas Personal Injury Resource Links

Personal injuries happen every day in the United States as a result of dangerous properties, auto accidents, workplace hazards, and much more. If you are the victim of a personal injury that occurred due to the negligence of another party, the law allows you to recover for your losses by filing a personal injury claim. The assistance of an experienced attorney is imperative in a personal injury case to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. The following links lead to helpful resources so that you may learn more about personal injury claims.

Explanations of Personal Injury Liability

Negligence – The Legal Information Institute explains the basis of personal injury claims, as a plaintiff must sufficiently show negligence in order to recover from the responsible party.

Premises Liability – An overview of the legal concept referring to the responsibility of a property owner to keep the premises safe for visitors and the liability if a personal injury occurs on their premises.

Products Liability – Overview of the concept that manufacturers have a legal duty to produce and sell products that are safe for their intended use, and that companies can be held liable for injuries that result from defective products.

Medical Malpractice – Explanation of the standard of care expected by medical professionals and the liability that results when they do not meet that standard and injury occurs.

Personal Injury Laws

Texas Tort Laws – The set of Texas state laws that establish when an individual or company may be held liable or strictly liable for tortious ac ts that cause personal injury.

Texas Tort Claims Act – State law that sets out when a governmental agency can be held responsible for the personal injury or wrongful death of an individual.

Personal Injury Statistics

National Safety Council – Data regarding injuries in the home, at work, on the roads, and within the community across the United States.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – Facts regarding motor vehicle accident, injuries, and deaths in the United States.

Personal Injury Legal Teams

Clements & Clements – A Dallas, Texas personal injury law firm that represents people injured in a variety of preventable accidents.

Stewart J. Guss, Houston Personal Injury Attorney – A Houston, Texas personal injury lawyer who represents people injured by the negligence of others.

Boling Rice LLC – A personal injury law firm with offices in Atlanta, Alpharetta, and Cumming, Georgia.

Bruning Legal – A personal injury law firm in St. Louis, Missouri that devotes a significant percentage of its practice to representing people who have sustained serious burn injuries.

L. Clayton Burgess, A Professional Law Corporation, Lafayette, LA – A personal injury law firm that practices throughout the states of Louisiana and Texas.

Clements & Clements Law Blog A legal blog that discusses various personal injury topics.

Dolman Law Group – A personal injury law firm with offices in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Bradenton, Florida.

The Fountain Law Firm – A personal injury law firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

The Levin Firm – A law firm located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that helps people injured  in accidents and by police brutality.